New Hunters

Wow, what an amazing year 2016 to 2017 has been! I have been able to hunt Dove, Whitetail Deer, Hogs, Turkey, Axis Deer and a Racoon. No joy on the Axis Deer, but it was still a fun hunt. What a majestic animal. I have used a rifle, a pistol and a bow.

I have a couple of buddies, Mike and John, who love hunting. They have taught me more than I could have imagined I would learn in a year. Of course, I am slightly obsessive about learning and did tons of research online. Things like how to clean a deer, archery (money pit that is) and stalking techniques. If you aren’t hunting now, two simple words, “do it!”

If you feel compelled to go try your hand in the field, learn safety first, then find a mentor second. DO NOT be shy. Be honest and ensure people know how new you are. This affords them the courtesy to watch out for a noob and enables them to engage you from the role of teacher.  Those that have a passion for the sport will be overjoyed to share their knowledge. Just like anything else, advice is only as good as the source. Learn, listen, absorb the lessons, then go validate through research – of course, then go try it.

When starting out, it feels like everyone around you is at the Einstein level and you are in kindergarten. No worries, you will catch up. You won’t get something on every hunt, but you will see wildlife you have never seen in action. That is part of the fun.

Hunting is not always without hardship. Surviving the elements and pests can be daunting…like sitting for 4 hours waiting on a pig to show up while swarms of aggressive mosquitoes drain a couple quarts of blood, ain’t real fun. That is… until the pig shows up and you get your shot. While I itched for days afterwards, it was worth it….every damn bite.

You may be different and that is O.K., but don’t stop yourself from trying it because of few bug bites, chiggers or ticks. No matter the outcome, you will be better for the experience.

More to come in the next week or two…